7 Tips from Expert Bathroom Renovators

7 Tips from Expert Bathroom Renovators

Your bathroom is supposed to be one of the most refreshing rooms of your home. Here’s some advice from the team at My Bathroom to make sure it will be a successful one.

1. Set a budget

Before you go overboard with choosing the colors, the fixtures, and everything else, it’s important to set a budget first. This determines the kind of materials you can afford, and how extensive the renovation can be.

2. Nothing beats natural light

As much as possible, use natural light to brighten the whole bathroom. It gives the bathroom the illusion of being spacious, and simply adds to its overall appeal.

3. Think of it with open doors

Cabinets may look and fit perfectly with doors closed, but what about when they’re open? There might not be enough space for movement. Always ask your bathroom renovators for advice regarding the livability of the renovation.

4. Consider your feet

What ultimately makes a bathroom renovation successful is your experience. If you have sensitive feet, try walking on sample tiles to make sure you like the feel of them before having them laid out.

5. Decide on a drying-off space

When deciding to renovate your bathroom, make sure you have allocated some space that allows movement to avoid hurting yourself while drying off.

6. Colours are a chameleon

That colour may look great in isolation, but would it look great in your bathroom? Consider the whole picture.

7. Less is more

As cliché as it might sound, it holds true in your bathroom renovation. Decide on what area you want accentuate, and let everything else be secondary.

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